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Contest Entry Checklist

Every year, PBS 45 & 49 must eliminate entries from competition because students did not follow the rules. Contest rules are explained in the Rules section of this web site.

Did you complete the requirements for entry?

Before you put your contest entry in the mail, go through this checklist to make sure youve followed all of the contest rules. If you can put a checkmark by each item, youre ready to submit your story to the Reading Rainbow Young Writers & Illustrators Contest!

___ I am the only author and illustrator of this story (no multi-student stories will be accepted).

___ Each page of my story is presented on one side of the paper only.

___ Each page number of my story is written on the back of each page.

___ My story meets the minimum and maximum requirements for length and illustrations (see Rules).

___ My story title and my name, address and phone number are neatly presented on an attached page (in addition to the entry form) and stapled to the front of my entry.

___ I am submitting the original copy of my story, not a photocopy. Furthermore, I have not used clip art or photographs to illustrate my story.

___ I have completed the entry form in full, and it has all the required signatures. I have included the entry form with my story and am now ready to put it all in the mail.

Your entry must be postmarked by March 1, 2005.
Mail your entry to:

Reading Rainbow Contest
P.O. Box 5191
Kent OH
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