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Watch NewsNight Akron every Friday night at 9 pm on PBS 45 & 49 for spontaneous, lively, in-depth discussions about issues that affect the lives of people in Greater Akron.

Hosted by Vincent Duffy, program director at 89.7/WKSU-FM, NewsNight Akron features a roundtable discussion with a panel of local journalists that covers both breaking news stories on topics such as education, the community and local business, as well as ongoing subjects including elections and major news stories. When opportunities arise, NewsNight Akron provides additional in-depth coverage with NewsMaker Akron interviews and candidate debates during election seasons.

Duffy guides the discussion to explore issues surrounding Greater Akron news, providing viewers with details local commercial newscasts don't have time to cover. Having been involved in public radio news for more than ten years and currently serving as news director at WKSU, Duffy has also worked as a reporter in Australia, Europe and South Africa. He has received many broadcast journalism awards for outstanding reporting in the categories of documentaries, news writing, hard news stories, education coverage, minority relations, and in-depth, feature, sports and investigative reporting.

Regular NewsNight Akron panelists include Steve Hoffman, political reporter for The Beacon Journal; Jody Miller, associate editor of Akron's West Side Leader; Michelle Chyatte, reporter with 89.7/WKSU-FM; and Ed Esposito, news director, Joe Jazstremski, reporter, and Larry States, reporter, all of WAKR/WONE/WQMX. They bring diverse backgrounds and experiences in communication and journalism to the program, which creates the show's credibility and spontaneity.

"The great part about this panel is that it is made up entirely of working journalists," said Don Freeman, executive producer of NewsNight Akron. "These are people who are in contact with those who make the news, they've been to the press conferences, and they're very well informed and articulate. I think our audience benefits from that."

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