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PBS 45 & 49
1750 Campus Center Drive
P.O. Box 5191
Kent, Ohio

The Staff of PBS 45 & 49

Trina Cutter
President & General Manager

William O’Neil
Assistant to the General Manager

Steve Balazs
Information Systems Administrator


Carolyn Raley
Accounting Supervisor

Kim Williams
Accounting Assistant

Laura Jarvis
Administration Specialist

Pat Weed
Communications Specialist


Programming & Operations

Don Freeman
Director of Programming & Operations

Duilio Mariola

Jeremiah G. Blaylock

Pat Houck
Traffic Specialist

Bob Halko
Master Control Operator 2

Bob Tullis
Master Control Operator

Mary Margaret Barnett
Master Control Operator

Vern Penny
Master Control Operator

Amanda Sackett
Production Assistant

Marketing & Development

Lisa Martinez
Vice President, Marketing & Development

Paula Kritz
Graphic Designer

Diane Steinert

Dan Hluch
Senior Development Officer

Beth Lockshin
Account Executive

Becky Tarka
Membership Services Specialist

Rose Herman
Membership Services Specialist


Educational Services

Ria Mastromatteo
Director of Educational Services

David Benson
Educational Technology Consultant

Ralph Tolbert
Educational Technology Consultant

Bree Silski
Ready To Learn Coordinator



Jim Baltes
Chief Engineer

Rick Patterson
Maintenance Engineer

Tom Gardner
Maintenance Specialist

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