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NewsNight Akron
Get the stories behind the Greater Akron headlines.

It’s Everything, And Then It’s Gone
This PBS 45 & 49 production takes a look back at the Akron "garage band" movement of the 1970s and 80s that launched the national careers of several rock bands, including Devo.

Act of Duty
A tribute to our local veterans.

Dirty Little Secrets: Foundations From the Past
Geological findings of CSU, UA researchers.

Floating on Air
Lighter-than-air enthusiasts share the fond memories and fascinating history of Akrons unofficial mascot of the skies.

Inventive. Industrious. Inspired. A History of Akron
A look at the people, the businesses and the communities that have made Akron unique.

Lasting Impressions: The Wendell August Forge Story
The Grove City, Pennsylvania-based Wendell August Forge is the single remaining survivor of what was once the flourishing industry of handcrafted aluminum giftware. Discover the history of this famous forge and meet the men and women who pound out their living in aluminum.

Main Street America
Is downtown Akron worth saving? Do "revitalization" plans actually work? Jody Miller of NewsNight.akron looks at revitalization projects in four U.S. cities, including Akron, to see once-decayed Main Streets in various stages of revitalization.

Reinventing Akron: Stories of a Generation
An exceptional group of Akron men and women, born before the second World War and who reshaped the community over the last 50 years, are profiled in this documentary.

A Simple Life
Explore Amish country in Holmes County. Visit the people and the places that populate the beautiful rolling hills and farms of this rural northeastern Ohio county to find out what draws the millions of visitors each year.

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Local ITV Programs

108 Stitches: The Physics in Baseball
This new PBS 45 & 49 multimedia project offers a science-based curriculum that uses the game of baseball to demonstrate basic principles of physics as set forth by the National Science Education Standards and the Ohio Science Academic Content Standards.

Ama-Zone! The Rain Forest Project
Are you ready for an adventure in the jungle?

Antarctica: 90 Degrees South
This PBS 45 & 49 series goes south -- so far south that it's almost north! -- to discover the little-understood continent of Antarctica.

It’s a Gas! Math & Science of the Blimp
The workings of the blimp provide the framework for teachers to illustrate the concepts students must understand to pass Ohio’s proficiency tests.

Masters of Gravity: Soap Box Derby Math & Science
The Soap Box Derby, an activity that students find fun and interesting, will provide the framework for teachers to facilitate the application of concepts needed to prepare for Ohio’s proficiency tests.

Media Moments / Media Literacy
Students can find out what goes into making the nightly news and learn critical thinking skills in interacting with the media.

One State-Many Nations: Native Americans of Ohio
PBS 45 & 49 presents a new multimedia project that studies the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Native American nations that have populated Ohio since prehistoric times. Using the print and Web resources that support the series, students will meet the nations and their leaders through a fun and interactive collection of exercises.

Sharing Art
There are artists among us who actually make a living making art!

Speaking of History & Doing Oral History Projects
Collecting and archiving oral histories is a wonderful way to build community, present proficiency skills in a real-life setting, preserve histories that may soon be gone forever and make these collections available to the entire community.

Test Quest
Welcome to Test Quest, where you can set forth on an adventure to pass the Ultimate Challenge the Proficiency Test.

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