What size and weight to order at a children’s football?

What size and weight to order at a children’s football?

Football is a sport that is also shaped by children’s football. However, especially the small footballers need a different equipment than the normal seniors area. Especially in the focus are the children’s soccer balls which should have a low weight. With the recommendation table is now the information what weight and what size you should order in a children’s football.

Kids soccer balls with weight and sizes

The The ball recommendations for children's soccer ballsUnlike senior football, kids and youth football have their own low-weight footballs. Especially in the lower part of the F-youth and the Bambinie therefore no normal senior footballs should be used. However, each football association has its own idea of ​​what weight and size are right for the kids. With the ball recommendations, there is finally a listing that can be used for shop online all children’s soccer balls and light balls in the shop . 

The new ball recommendations come from the Jako catalog and refer not only to the Jako kids football balls but also to the kids footballs of other manufacturers . Just the popular shop online Adidas Junior Balls Adidas Torfabrik line can be divided with the ball recommendations.

Do not use mens ball

As in the post The Adidas Glider Ball is not described as a youth football should be used in children and youth football no senior football. Although there are also Jako and Adidas footballs the Adidas peat factory Top Training or the Jako Goal in sizes 3 and 4 but the weight of these footballs is not designed for youth football.

By Jako there are the Jako Junior Ball and Adidas with the Adidas peat factory Junior, however, different footballs that meet the requirements for weight and size. Only such children’s soccer balls should be used in children and youth football.

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