The kids of a Navarrese school do ‘crowdfunding’ to maintain their school garden

The kids of a Navarrese school do ‘crowdfunding’ to maintain their school garden


All the students of the center work in the garden from the youngest, with only 3 years, to the older ones, of 12 years, and the function of the garden is mainly educational and didactic and thanks to the garden they have managed to promote the work of the team, the cooperation, patience and the desire to learn more and more about this.

The school has started a crowdfunding campaign on the platform, because they want the garden project to once again take a leading role in our school. We would like to fill it with flowers and fruit trees and be able to implement many other ideas we have to improve it. “

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As they say in the description of their project, the garden was created 4 years ago, but in the last two years it has been abandoned. This year they have proposed to rehabilitate the area and put it into operation again. For this, they have removed the herbs, they have worked the earth and they have fixed what was broken . Also, they have bought some tools, delimited the terraces, fixed the irrigation by dripping and a volunteer has made a nest and an “insect hotel”.

But with all these works they have exhausted the resources they had and need a small contribution to continue making improvements.

For example, they need a composter because the one they have is not very accessible and the children can not lift the lid to deposit the compost. They need to plant four fruit and vegetable trees and flowers to avoid pests , since it is an ecological garden and we do not use chemical products.

In May of this year they are going to carry out a school competition so that the 5th and 6th grade students can design the posters and the logo of the school garden. Once the winners have been selected, they will be sent to a company to carry out the posters in a material that is also resistant to rain and sun.

And they need some money to be able to carry out workshops and activities with the students and to buy a tool shed since now they use a warehouse where the boilers are and the children can not go alone for the tools when working in the orchard.

The project is carried out in two phases: In the first one, which ends in May of this year, the workshops with the students will be organized, the trees and flowers will be planted, the poster contest will be held and the plastic will be placed in the composter.

In the second phase, the tool house will be purchased and installed and some improvements will be made to the irrigation system. For this task they need some more time since they are going to carry out expansion works in the center during the summer and to avoid damage, they will put the booth at the beginning of September 2017 coinciding with the beginning of the school year.

The optimal amount to which they aspire is € 900, which will carry out the activities planned for the second phase (purchase of a case for tools: € 400). And if the optimum amount is exceeded, in addition to the above, they will build a small greenhouse: € 140; improvements in the drip irrigation system: € 50; and will buy a digital microscope to study the auxiliary flora of the garden (insects): € 68

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