The first steps towards the future: Three-quarters of parents save for their children

The first steps towards the future: Three-quarters of parents save for their children

Image result for insuranceNew satchel, new friends: Recently, a new generation of ABC shooters has come into the world, where they learn a lot and become more and more independent. In order to secure their little ones in this way, parents provide with savings, as a representative forsa survey on behalf of CosmosDirekt revealed. 1 Germany’s leading online insurer explains what the right jump-start for school beginners looks like and what parents should pay attention to.

In the first weeks of school, children make their way through the jungle of numbers and letters. But not only ABC shooters, but also their parents are at the start of school before new questions: What belongs to a good education? How can this be financed? According to a representative forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt, 79 percent of parents spend money on the future of their child.

Saving for future plans
In order for the children to be able to realize their future plans, 22 percent of parents pay into a savings contract. 32 percent bet on another investment for the offspring. Just under a third (32 percent) of mothers and fathers provide up to 25 euros per month. More than 100 euros per month save nine percent of parents. “Early saving is worthwhile for the offspring, because those who start on time can build up a solid cushion over the years, even with small sums,” advises Michael Greifenberg, insurance expert at CosmosDirekt.

What children need today
It will take a while until the ABC shooters need the financial support to realize their future plans. However, the family fund is already straining many other issues today, such as a school trip or extracurricular education. “Those who want to be prepared for special expenses should create reserves. When choosing the right investment, however, not only the interest rate counts – it is also important that the money is readily available, “emphasizes the insurance expert Michael Greifenberg.

Image result for family of fourSecured also in the free time
With the enrollment, the children take their first steps towards independence. They go to school or sports alone, visit friends in the afternoons, or meet up outside to play games. But not always everything runs smoothly. In order for children to be adequately protected while playing and romping in their free time, they need additional insurance cover. For example, 64 percent of parents have private liability insurance. Thus, they are optimally secured even in the case of liability claims due to minor or greater misadventures of their children. Most insurers offer special family rates that also provide for disabled children (under the age of seven).

Additional accident protection
If children have an accident at school or on the way there, the legal accident protection applies to them. Half of the parents (50 percent) have also taken out a private accident insurance for their child to cover their accidents. In addition, 17 percent of parents provide with a child disability insurance. It ensures a monthly income for the child with permanent damage due to illness.

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