Teach your children to bring wealth this summer

Teach your children to bring wealth this summer

There comes a time of the holidays in which your children begin to wonder what to do because they are already bored.

And then they start doing things like going around your house, complaining about their boredom and looking for new games or activities to pass the time.

And then, both you and they begin to think of ideas to make the most of those holidays to learn something new.

In addition to walks around the city, outings to the park or meeting with other children, think of other options that do not require as much money and keep your children occupied.

Even, it will not be long for any of them to tell you that they want to do more than just play.

This may be the time to give your children small tasks during the holiday period and teach them how to value the money, as well as better understand all the economic situations that can happen in the home.

Teaching your children from a young age to value money and attract a bit of wealth both inside and outside the home can be one of the best learnings that your little ones will appreciate for the future.

Creating good habits at an early age is one of the best options for spending a different summer.

Here are some ideas for your children to learn the true value of money:

Activities for ages 5 to 11 years

Sale of lemon water

This idea is very famous and maybe you’ve seen it in some American movie. It can be something very fun for your little ones to make lemon juice and offer it to the neighbors who are passing by.

You can help them make a small sign for people passing by on your sidewalk. Not only can you sell juice, although for them it is very playful to squeeze the lemons to turn them into water. They can also offer some sweets and snacks.

So, you can guide them so they can learn what it takes to run a business. And before you know it, you’ll have a small entrepreneur at home.

Give him housework

There are tasks that take away a lot of time and that probably is not so necessary that you do them. There are even places in your home that you can not clean because your adult fingers do not allow you to perform certain tasks.

Therefore, you can pay a commission for your children to complete a task or two that you do not necessarily have to do: fold clothes, clean the table, water the plants or accommodate the spoons. Any of these tasks can be well rewarded.

Organize a garage mini sale

Motivate your children to collect toys that they no longer use and clothes that they no longer have to make a garage sale. The interesting part is that you can guide them to manage their business.

Together they can create a striking advertisement with cardboard so that other people and children can go. In this way, you will also teach your children to value what they are offering and learn to give a second use to things.

Summer activities for children from 12 to 14 years old

Baby sister

Teens and preteens generally love caring for children. And the nanny is the favorite person of every overworked parent. Your children can earn a little money by keeping one of their cousins ​​busy while the adults take care of other, stronger jobs.

It is not about your teenagers taking risks, since this task can be done with an adult.

Sale of cakes and biscuits

Children love making mud cakes. And if you want your children to learn the value of money, you can set up with them a small business of desserts and cakes that are real and simple to prepare.

You must be with them at the time of the preparation so that they begin to make their pininos in the kitchen with the correct vigilance. Your cakes can be offered at the local market, outside parks or at the entrance of your home. Perhaps that is the beginning of your children in the fascinating culinary world.

Guide in summer camp

In many summer camps the help of teenagers is very useful to carry out the entertainment activities with the rest of the camp attendants.

In addition to the financial compensation for your children, it will be a great help to meet new people and places. A few days outdoors will keep you away from boredom.

Animal caretaker

If your children love animals, this activity can be very entertaining, because in many shelters people need to walk and take care of the dogs and cats that are in the place.

And if this work is not done in a shelter, you can encourage your child to take the neighbors’ pets for a walk. This idea is made especially for your children to have an awareness of caring for animals, to instill in them respect for nature.

Cut the grass

If you have a house with a garden or shrub on the sidewalk, you can teach your children how to prune the grass and the growing weeds. The plan here is that you can then offer your gardening service to neighbors and friends.

Normally people do not have the time and patience to mow the lawn. In addition, this activity falls as a ring during the summer, because at the beginning of the rainy season, plants and flowers tend to grow faster.

Summer activities for over 15 years

Technological support

If your children of this age love everything related to technology and know how to handle all the functions of smartphones and tablets, then you have an amateur technician who can develop their full potential by offering their knowledge to help other people solve all their problems and doubts of use.

In addition, you can offer to teach how to use technology for older adults in order to learn to make the most of their mobile devices.

Employment in grocery store

This is one of the most common jobs for boys and girls of this age. It is a job that can guide them in the workplace and that will show them some of the challenges of employment: responsibilities, honesty and proactivity.

It can be a part-time job or a few hours that will help you strengthen the values ​​learned at home and acquire certain accounting skills that will serve you in the future.

All these activities have great advantages for your children according to their age. There are certain values ​​that can be learned in this way and the formation of your character is one of them.

Teaching your children to value money and attract it while taking advantage of their free time can direct them to form habits to have an economically stable adult life.

You can combine these ideas with other strategies to teach your children to value money this summer and motivate them to take small steps in financial education.

Kerri Simmons

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