Learn to save on holidays and even with children

Learn to save on holidays and even with children

Learn-to-save-on-vacation-and-even-with-childrenBefore planning a vacation you can save and even if you decide to do it with your children. Many times we think that it is practically impossible to save on vacations with children but, it is not like that. Here we give you the best tips to live a journey of madness and much savings.

While we already know that these are times to save and save money to ensure the financial stability of our home, vacations outside of our city do not have to be an ordeal for parents, and although they can be a luxury compared to basic expenses, save and having fun is possible.

The holidays you have to plan in a kind of minute by minute so that with this, always opt for the cheapest alternatives. In this way, start by planning and choose from dates to places you can visit so that the blow of those holidays is the least in your economy.

Start saving

  • Budget your trip

Before leaving your city, you must have a budget that specifies the amount of money you can spend on the trip. For that reason, it contemplates that the trips imply expenses that go from the transport until the meals.

With a budget you can determine how much you will spend on accommodation, activities, meals, field trips and so on. Now, you can limit your vacation to four days instead of seven and spend more per day.

However, the key to saving is to be true to your plan. Obviously situations will arise that jeopardize your budget as one of your children colds and you have to take him to the doctor, for that you must have an emergency fund.

In addition, you must contain your desire to spend as much as you can. Many people blame them for not buying “reminders” for their colleagues at work and end up spending a lot on things like that. Ask yourself, is it worth giving a keychain to someone who is not going to use it?

Now, if you see something that you can not pass up or that you think is worth it to buy it for your children then it would be very good if you have a “mattress of expenses” to be able to buy what moved you and that can be, from the tickets to a show to some local crafts.

  • Visit your relatives

If you do not have many resources to make a trip at this time or do not have to pay for a hotel, you can make this not a problem if you are going to visit a relative who lives in another state.

Obviously you have to visit a family member you talk to continuously and not just every birthday. Both you and your family will be happy to meet and, it is not for nothing, but children love to meet other children in their family because they learn to get along.

If you have teenage children, remember that they are or can be quite irritable so take advantage so that they know new experiences.

Adolescence is a fundamental stage in the formation of our identity, and a trip to the home of a family member can teach these young people a lesson in diversity and awareness of different lifestyles.

  • Come to free activities

Wherever you go do what you see, says the popular saying. Well, wherever you go, find free activities to do with your whole family. The local governments of many cities organize from festivals to fairs in which the costs are very low.

It is fun and educational activities in which your children can spend an entertaining holiday while you save.

The great thing about these activities is that they usually deal with the cultural traditions and generalities of the destination in question, so when you go to these types of places, you can show your children what diversity is.

  • Take your home with you

You would be surprised at how much you can save when you bring those things that are more expensive in tourist areas from your house. Therefore, in your luggage you can take from towels, bathing suits, sandals and sunscreen purchased in advance.

Carrying personal hygiene items or even food (such as canned foods) is always synonymous with saving, and well you have already noticed this in other trips. Compare prices at home and on the beach, you’ll be surprised how they can change.

In addition, to save you can promote the consumption of the local, these products are usually cheaper and genuine than what you can find in large supermarkets and also, you are teaching your children a lesson about supporting people from a place.

Why is it important to travel with the kids in the house?

Although we think that during the holidays the children can spend it in the house helping us with the housework, the reality is that the trips can be a great opportunity to teach new values ​​to our children.

It is not that it is not important for children to learn to contribute with household chores because with it we teach them responsibilities and things they will need in adult life, but when we take them out on a trip they acquire basic knowledge for their personal development, and for face the future.

At some point, and even before becoming parents, we all become aware of the importance of learning other languages, of knowing new cultures and that, if we want to compete, we have to investigate, analyze and search for information.

In addition, trips give us the possibility to solve problems, learn from confidence and have confidence in ourselves. Remember what they say there: children are like sponges that are absorbing everything they see and therefore, a trip can be the great opportunity for them to learn more and more.

As children become involved in the organization and planning of a trip, they become increasingly responsible. Each vacation can be a great experience to see how our children mature and acquire new knowledge.

Organize a trip together

When children participate in the decisions of the family regarding which destination to travel, they learn values ​​such as respect and the right to choose, but also acquire the idea of ​​consensus that is formed from dialogue.

An average family gathers 4 different opinions. The one of the mother who prefers to visit her family in a distant village, the one of the dad who wants to go to the beach to do nothing but be in the water, and the one of the kids, who may well dream of going to Disneyland .

For many parents it may seem absurd to ask their children what destination they would like to visit, but asking this question gives the children their place, the possibility to express their opinions and, at the same time, discover possibilities.

Now, with your children you have the possibility to build a story around a tourist destination. From the family stories that they could remember if they visit the distant town where their grandparents live, like stories in which your children have fun playing pirates on the beach.

The idea is that children always have a clear imagination and make use of it, always with the truth as a foundation, it can be a great opportunity to convince them to know an amazing destiny.

Once you have chosen the place you are going to visit, the rest is easier: you have to read, review booking sites on the internet such as TripAdvisor or travel blogs and gain knowledge about what you can do there.

If it is a plane trip, you can start by analyzing the daily prices of flights on many websites and different airlines until you find the ideal flight. You already know that “he who seeks, finds” so put those skills into practice.

In this feedback process, you can include the children so that they know the history of the place they are about to meet, the attractions (only those that are within the limits of your possibilities), and the activities they can perform on that site.

Remember that your family has needs and if it is about looking for a hotel, make sure your rates are fair, that they have breakfast included, near public transport stations and with secure locations.

If the trip in question is to the house of a family member, make sure that person will give you asylum and will gladly receive you on the days you will be in that destination.

Remember that nobody likes that kind of surprises, so out of respect and courtesy, it is better that you notify your relative about your desire to visit and stay at home. If you have that courtesy, it is most likely that he is happy to receive you.

So now you know, the more you plan a trip, the better the results and the savings will be much higher. Your children will have fun and you can have the peace of mind of being prepared for the future at the same time you relax.

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The holidays should not be a luxury. If you know how to administer correctly you can have the best trip of your life in the company of your whole family.

Kerri Simmons

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