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Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Health/Wellness, Art, Music and more!

ITV Programs: Alphabetical Listing
If you know exactly what youre looking for...

ITV Daytime Schedule
Get the detailed daytime schedule by month.

ITV Schedule At-A-Glance
Find the daytime schedule for the entire school year.

Key to the ITV Program Listings
This Key will help you understand all of the information provided in our individual ITV program listings.

ITV Block Schedule
Year-long 3 a.m.-to-5 a.m. schedule of our full-series feeds.

ITV Program Web Sites
Visit Web site for the Instructional Television programs.

Between the Lions Monthly Schedule
Get the day-to-day broadcast schedule here.

Videotape Library (VTL)
You can purchase copies of instructional television series from our Videotape Library. Here's a list of the programs that are available.

Know Your School-Use Rights for ITV Programs
What are your program use rights in the classroom?

PBS 45 & 49's Membership Services
A full explanation of membership services and fees.

Proficiency Correlation
Proficiency subject areas for grades 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 10 in Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Writing.

Online Teacher Guides
FREE online teachers guides for over 35 ITV series and specials.

Teachers Guide Order Form (PDF File)
Download a PDF file of our Teachers Guide order form.

Act of Duty
A tribute to our local veterans.

Ama-Zone! The Rain Forest Project
Are you ready for an adventure in the jungle?

Dirty Little Secrets: Foundations From the Past
Geological findings of CSU, UA researchers.

Floating on Air
Lighter-than-air enthusiasts share the fond memories and fascinating history of Akrons unofficial mascot of the skies.

Hale Farm & Village Virtual Tour
Take a virtual tour of Hale Farm & Village in Bath, Ohio, just west of Akron.

Main Street America
Is downtown Akron worth saving? Do "revitalization" plans actually work? Jody Miller of NewsNight Akron looks at revitalization projects in four U.S. cities, including Akron, to see once-decayed Main Streets in various stages of revitalization.

Sharing Art
There are artists among us who actually make a living making art!

A Simple Life
Explore Amish country in Holmes County. Visit the people and the places that populate the beautiful rolling hills and farms of this rural northeastern Ohio county to find out what draws the millions of visitors each year.

Speaking of History & Doing Oral History Projects
Collecting and archiving oral histories is a wonderful way to build community, present proficiency skills in a real-life setting, preserve histories that may soon be gone forever and make these collections available to the entire community.

Find out how local news works.

ITV Programs By Subject Area

ITV Programs: Alphabetical Listing

ITV Daytime Schedule

ITV Schedule At-A-Glance

ITV Block Schedule

Proficiency Correlation

Videotape Library

Online Teacher Guides

Teacher Guide Order Form

ITV Programs Web sites

Membership Services

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