Important from birth: insurance cover for children

Important from birth: insurance cover for children

Mothers and fathers would like to protect their children from all risks in life and give them the best prospects for the future. So that the offspring is secured, if something happens, some insurances are advisable. CosmosDirekt clarifies.

“Insurance cover for children can usually be completed quite easily,” explains Silke Barth, prevention expert from CosmosDirekt. “Sometimes parents can also insure their children with themselves.” Even with policies that are actually not related to the offspring, it is worth talking to the insurer. For example, customers with family growth receive discounts on special car rates from some providers.

Car paint scratched? – Help offers the private liability policy
The private liability insurance is one of the most important insurance at all. It is used when third parties have suffered damage, for example, when children have damaged a car while playing. If the parents have a family plan, the children are usually automatically insured and free of charge. But you should definitely report to the insurance that you have children. Single tariffs must be adjusted accordingly.

When inline skating crashed? – The private accident insurance jumps in
The legal accident protection exists only in the school, the Kita or on the direct return route. Most accidents occur during leisure time, for example when inline skating or cycling. Therefore, it is advisable to take out a private accident insurance for the children. It will pay for the consequential costs of an accident, such as special therapies or disability-friendly conversions. At CosmosDirekt, there is the “basic protection” from just under five euros per month.

For the emergency – insurance for child incapacity
Actually, as a mother or father, you do not want to think about it – but the risk that a child may need help for a lifetime, for example, is underestimated by most parents. In the event of an emergency, a child insurance insurance pays a regular and lifelong income, at least alleviating financial worries.

Do not forget: save for the future
Children mess up parents’ finances – and the older kids get, the more money they need. It is therefore all the more important to start early with saving for stays abroad, training and co. Monthly investments offer not only banks or fund companies, but also insurance. The same applies if parents sometimes want to cover higher amounts. The Kinder-SparPlan and the Kinder-SparKonto by CosmosDirekt are particularly flexible, as the parents can access the assets at any time.

Important: insurance cover of the parents
To protect the children also includes the appropriate insurance coverage of the parents. It is very important to secure the children financially in case something happens to the mother or the father. For a risk life insurance for the parents is recommended. “Housewives should take out a risk protection,” advises Silke Barth. “Because the one who cares significantly about the offspring, the partner needs money for the care of the children or a domestic help.” In addition, a disability insurance is recommended.

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