Did you know that going back to school affects you more than your children?

Did you know that going back to school affects you more than your children?

The return to school begins. A time of the year that provokes emotions found in children: on the one hand they are willing to see their friends, but on the other they stop having all that leisure time they have enjoyed during the holidays. And how do parents live this moment? Well, with enough stress and worries , as there are many things to consider before starting the new school year: medical check-ups, books, school supplies, uniforms, routines, extracurricular activities … In addition, time is short. Many probably just landed on vacation and you have to face in a short time to such a laborious planning this is, especially if you have several children.

How to deal with all this stress?

Today we worry too much about the welfare, education and health of our children, something that causes a lot of stress and anxiety in some parents. We try to control many things like what they see on television and internet, if they have the best teachers and education, if they do their homework and have an up-to-date agenda, how they relate to their peers, etc. In addition, parents have to adapt the schedules to the needs of the child, having to attend school meetings, pick them up at school, take them to the extracurricular … All this causes quite a lot of discomfort and worries both in the parents and in the children since there is much demand and high expectations, leading this to point the child to too many activities, often also motivated by the lack of time to have parents so many hours of work.

We give you 10 tips below to better take the dreaded back to school :

  1. Plan what you will need ahead of time .
  2. Try not to leave anything for the last minute .
  3. Do not point your child to too many extracurricular activities, one or two will suffice.
  4. Try to relax your self-demands and expectations about your child: the most important thing is that your child is calm and happy, and that you can enjoy this moment with him.
  5. Try to recover the routines established during the school year days before the return, as these will have changed during the summer holidays.
  6. Lift your children first, especially the first day of school to go calmly and relaxed .
  7. Remember to label your child’s belongings to avoid scares.
  8. Visit the school with them days before , especially in the case that your children are small, as this will make the idea and better familiarize your new school.
  9. Try to show an optimistic and happy attitude towards this change , so that your children learn from your example and share with you their new experiences.
  10. Get involved in the purchase of materials and books and in the choice and planning of extracurricular activities. This will help them feel more in control in the situation, more confident and increase their enthusiasm for the new course.

Another factor to keep in mind is that children experience very rapid changes in their body during their growth, so it is important to perform a health check before beginning each course. This will help us detect, for example, if our child has problems with eyesight, teeth and in other areas of his health such as psychological functioning. Many times this involves unforeseen expenses that we must add to the investment that already involves school materials, books and uniforms, such as glasses or orthodontics. And, how can we cope with these expenses? A good way to prevent costs from getting out of hand is to have good health insurance for the whole family. In addition, we must take into account what it includes at the time of hiring, and thus be able to guarantee that everything we need is covered.

Kerri Simmons

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