motorcycle insurance

Would you like to start the motorcycle season without having to worry about your insurance? In the field of motorcycle insurance, there are fares with very different price-performance ratio. With the right motorcycle insurance, you can save many times without getting less.

The different types of motorcycle insurance in comparison

As a motorcycle owner you must own a motor insurance. Otherwise you are not allowed on the road. If you cause an accident, this motorcycle insurance covers the costs of the accident opponent.

If damage to your motorcycle is also to be considered, you need a comprehensive insurance. Here one differentiates the Teilkasko and the Vollkasko. The former pays, among other things, for theft and damage caused by bad weather. The latter even works if you yourself have caused the damage caused by an accident. Whether a partial or full comprehensive cover is recommended for your motorcycle depends above all on the value of the vehicle. New motorcycles should be better protected with the broadest possible protection, while used motorcycles usually a Teilkasko is sufficient. In order to find the right fare, you should in any case face the various offers in a comparison.

Cost of motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance offers different regional classes, no-claims classes and discount options. Therefore, the contributions of insurance rates are difficult to understand and the price differences sometimes enormous. So a very good tariff for one vehicle model can be far more expensive for another. An insurance comparison can help you to recognize which offer is most favorable for your motorcycle, your place of residence, etc.

To arrange a cheap motorcycle insurance

Many providers offer individual discounts for certain professional and owner groups. Consider other specific issues, such as the possibilities of excess. If you arrange such, you will have to bear a certain part of the costs in case of damage, but pay less. The higher the deductible in case of damage, the cheaper the contribution you pay. The deductible should not be set too high, just to save costs. In no case should it be higher than the amount that you can realistically afford in case of damage. Otherwise, the cheap motorcycle insurance quickly becomes a cost trap.

Super Saver

Similar to the car insurance for cars, there is also the possibility of reducing the premiums by discounts in motorcycle insurance. An insurance comparison also helps here, as the different insurers grant different discounts.

Compare fares

With a change of insurance you can save several hundred euros a year. Often, almost the same insurance coverage is offered at very different prices. Not infrequently, better services are possible at a lower cost. You should therefore compare the prices and benefits of your motorcycle insurance with other rates to find the best rate for you.

Prepare the health of your children for the “back to school”

September is synonymous with back to school . As a mother or father, you have been balancing for more than two months to reconcile your long vacations with the ones you have. The grandparents, if they can, have also helped, but at the beginning of the month normalcy returns to the families and the schedules are once again organized, at least from Monday to Friday. Some go to work and others to learn.

The beginning of the course is a good time to catch up with pending issues that, because they are not urgent, we often leave. Medical check-ups are one of those pending issues, in this case children. When they are younger, they have pediatric check-ups very often, but when they are a little older, how often do they have to go to the pediatrician if everything goes well?

There are certain problems or even diseases that are quite silent and are slow to show symptoms, so it is best to prevent them with regular check-ups . Taking the habit of going to the pediatrician every year, when the course starts, will help us not to forget it.



The pediatrician is the expert, so you can trust his experience but to give you an idea, the usual thing is to measure and weigh the child, to make sure that he has an evolution according to his age. Of course, each little one has its own rhythm, but it will make sure that it is within normal parameters.


  • Weight

According to the latest National Health Survey, two out of every 10 Spanish children are overweight and one in 10 suffers from obesity. If your child starts to have excess weight, the beginning of the school year is a good time to sign up for an extracurricular activity based on physical activity, such as football, basketball or tennis.


  • Dental health

The pediatrician will also review the oral health of your children. If, for example, a caries appears, you can go to a pediatric dentist to find a solution on time and not have to remove the piece. You can also give you the guidelines to establish the habits of correct child oral hygiene .


  • View

The view is directly related to school success. If your child does not see the blackboard well or can not read clearly, his studies will suffer . The ophthalmologist can solve it with some simple tests and putting glasses if you need them.


  • Position

The postural hygiene of children is also something that should be controlled and that the doctor can check. The weight of the backpack and the bad postures in class , together with the lack of exercise in many cases, can lead to deviations of the back and neck or muscular contractures. The specialist can give you instructions so that this does not happen.


From two years of age, primary care reviews are usually every two years . If you want to make sure that everything is fine without waiting so long, or if it is important for you to choose the specialist to take your children to, take advantage now: in the autumn is when insurers take out the best promotions in medical insurance. 

The importance of health insurance when you have children

Throughout life we ​​go through many different stages , in which we rethink our scale of values and change our habits . The concerns and problems of an adolescent are obviously different from those of the elderly, and the vital decisions they usually make have nothing to do with each other.


Having children: A reason to take out health insurance

you have children , life changes radically. From that moment, many of our decisions affect those who do not have the capacity to fend for themselves. It is therefore more important than ever to plan the expenses and the priorities , so that all the needs of the smallest are foreseen and covered .

Almost with total certainty, the aspect that worries us most about our children is health . The greatest desire of any family is for their children to grow up healthy, and therefore all parents or future parents should take out health insurance . Many of these insurances usually contemplate the coverage of the children and the pediatric expenses, in addition to the tests during the pregnancy, the hospitalization and the childbirth.


Advantages of hiring family health insurance

One of the main advantages of contracting a family medical insurance is the savings that it implies with respect to the contracting of insurance for each member of the family in particular.

Another important reason is the coverages . This type of family insurance usually offers the possibility of expanding extra coverage depending on the needs; besides offering the possibility of choosing between a great variety of professionals and health care centers .

The growing instability in public health care often causes unnecessary emotional stress in families, as it is unclear when the appointment will be scheduled with the doctor or if the opinion of a single professional is sufficient. Health insurance provides families with the security of having these needs covered in an affordable way.