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Building on PBS's successful slate of children's television programs and online offerings, CPB has invested in a new generation of safe, engaging and educational destinations on the Internet, a place where more children are spending more of their time. The goal of the sites is to provide local public television stations with content to reach out to a new audience, 9-12 year old kids.

Dont Buy It

This site challenges kids to question advertising, evaluate media and become smart consumers. Using humor, games and advertising parodies, Don't Buy It "sells" media literacy to youth ages 9-11. Kids can craft ads and place them in sneaky places, design cereal boxes, take quizzes that reveal startling snack and TV truths, and learn about pesky Web advertising. Parents and teachers can download their own guides from the site as well.

Its My Life

This Web site will be a solution-oriented, online destination addressing the social, emotional, and physical issues that most affect nine to twelve-year-olds. It's My Life will create a safe yet fun place for kids to share their experiences and concerns and will offer Spanish language resources.

Backyard Jungle

This site is a participatory, multimedia concept that educates children ages nine to twelve about ecology and helps them explore aspects of their natural surroundings -- their own "backyard jungle."

3D & I

3D & I is a timely and ambitious, interactive site allowing kids to test their eye at design and inspiring them to become active participants in their three dimensional world. The site will take a "show, not tell" approach to encourage users to think about how culture and environment manifest themselves through design.

The Plastic Fork Diaries

This site breaks new ground on an old subject: Does what (and how) we eat affect who we are? Follow six middle school students as they experience first hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition and athletic performance. Site visitors will have the opportunity to become part of a unique, on-line community.

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