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Saturday, Feb. 26

11:00PM   Pioneer Quest

"What Are We Doing This For?" The struggling settlers are struck with further disaster: a devastating fire destroys their barn. Nevertheless, the two couples manage to complete their log cabins and cheer up when the Treadways' three sons come for a visit. (Part 4 of 9) TVG

(Replaces Pioneer Quest-part 5)

Friday, March 4

8:30PM   Identity Theft: Protecting Yourself in the Information Age

This program covers the many ways people are vulnerable to identity theft and invasion of privacy each day. Author, lecturer and identity-theft expert Mari Frank helps viewers understand the risks of this exploding crime and offers ways to protect themselves, providing tools that viewers can use to monitor their privacy and to take action if they become victims of identity theft.

(Replaces Savvy Senior)


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